for Connected Cars & Mobility Services

Ride Sharing for Seniors

For organizations that provide transportation services, SHARE turns costs centers into profit centers. For organizations that need transportation services, SHARE provides a cost-effective platform to provideShared transportation is enabling communities to provide personalized transit services that improve access to employment, medical services, and community resources while reducing transportation costs. SHARE is a ride-sharing platform designed for scheduled transportation. We work with existing transportation resources to utilize assets and improve efficiencies with our ride optimization tools.  SHARE allows service operators to manage scheduling, logistics, drivers and passengers.

Our vehicles or yours: SHARE is available as a software platform or as a complete managed service. SHARE is designed for senior living, employers, veterans services, non-emergency medical, and specialized services.

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In-Vehicle Experiences

The infotainment system in connected cars is the next big screen and it is an opportunity that is comparable to the impact and scale of the iPhone and app stores.  Connected cars and mobility services are creating opportunities in the automotive industry for software development and apps that are used by businesses and consumers.

In-Vehicle experiences need to incorporate the devices that drivers and passengers are bringing with them (BYOD). 

AVE’s In-vehicle experience solutions are compatible with OEM infotainment systems and connector apps, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Smart Lockers


Centralized package and mail delivery through smart lockers are creating new community hubs. Connected smart lockers can serve a range of purposes, from the package delivery for apartments to access hub for transit services. AVE’s smart locker solution is in partnership with a leading global manufacturer of logistics automation systems. Smart lockers are configurable and expandable. As the demand for utilization grows, smart lockers are designed to expand with your needs and data is used to determine the scale needed to support peak demand.

Amazon has introduced smart lockers in some cities. AVE’s smart locker allows municipalities, logistics services, transportation networks, property developers, and businesses to introduce their own smart lockers. Smart lockers create the potential for multiple revenue streams,

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